Beneath the Weight of the Sun
Johnny Martin/Bull Randleman, R
Written by nullsechs, for Septicemic

Dead Men and Dreamers
Ronald Speirs/Carwood Lipton, R
Written by Epigone for lamadeleine

Ein Wintermärchen
Doc Gene Roe/Renee, Babe, PG
Written by Maleyka for a BbC dropout

Tom Peacock/Norman Dike, PG
Written by Septicemic for a BbC dropout

here i dreamt i was a soldier
Albert Blithe, G
An extra stocking stuffer story, written by nullsechs

A Hollow Target
Skinny Sisk/Joe Liebgott, PG-13
Written by lamadeleine for nullsechs

Letters Home
Harry Welsh/Dick Winters, PG
Written by Brigid31 for Epigone

George Luz/Carwood Lipton, PG
Written by lost_series for Astarael

Not Lost
Lewis Nixon/Dick Winters, PG
Written by septicemic for Goat

Of Dirt, Basements & Things Left Unsaid
Joe Liebgott/David Webster, PG-13
Written by Brigid31 for Irmelin

Doc Eugene Roe, G
Written by goat for a BbC dropout

Street of Dreams
Bill Guarnere, PG
Written by garnettrees for abyssinia4077

Strength to Carry On
Don Malarkey/Joe Liebgott, PG
Written by abyssinia4077 for Hiyacynth

A Thrill of Hope
Lewis Nixon/Dick Winters, PG
Written by Astarael for maleyka

Walking Wounded
Lewis Nixon/Dick Winters, R
Written by Epigone for Keepstill

Warmth in Cold Places
Doc Gene Roe/Babe Heffron, PG-13
Written by Hiyacynth for lost_series

David Webster/Joe Leibgott, PG-13
Written by irmelin for Brigid31