Title: Broken Glass
A present for: Rudhoreiel
Written by: Katherine
Pairing: post-war Winters/Nixon
Rating: PG-13

Title: Ever After
A present for: Natasha
Written by: Rudhoreiel
Pairing: Toye/Guarnere
Rating: PG-13
Notes: For Natasha, Merry Christmas.

Title: Letters from Kokomo
A present for: Joey B.
Words by: Untitled06
Remixed by: theDrifter
Pairing: Shifty Powers/Floyd Talbert
Rating: R
Notes: Many thanks and much love to theDrifter who took what I wrote and made it a proper story, a special thank you to Jill for the extrabeta.

Title: The Taste of Metal
A present for: Herbert
Written by: Natasha
Pairing: Muck/Malarkey
Rating: R
Notes: Thanks to Housemouse for the beta.

Title: Together/Alone
A present for: Katherine
Written by: Joey B.
Pairing: Webster/Liebgott
Rating: PG-13